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We’ve all heard the old phrase “You are what you eat”… But have you ever considered it might actually be true??

When we eat, our bodies break down the food into tiny particles to be absorbed and distributed. These food particles actually become us… Think about that for a second. Look at your hand. It is made up of particles from food that you have eaten.

This is good news and bad news, depending on your eating habits. Do you want your body to be built like a straw hut using sugar, pesticides, and toxic material? Or do you want to be a brick house, built up with strong proteins, healthy fats, and necessary minerals?

As your nutritional counselor, I help you establish a healthy eating routine packed with nutrient-dense foods. Some people say, “But eating healthy is so time-consuming!” Running a multi-faceted business plus being a professional athlete takes up A LOT of my time…. So over the years, I have figured out ways to incorporate a healthy diet that does not require me to spend hours in the kitchen.

Together, we will create a diet plan based on your taste and individual needs!